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Reasons We Love Them

Because if the show had gone on, it’s confirmed that they would’ve been canon
Because they were breeding partners for a good reason
Because she kick-started his heart
Because they spark off each other
Because there’s masses of untapped potential
Because they’re just as messed up as each other
Because their complexities and similarities would have made it easier for them to fall in love with each other
Because they’re not as boring together as another pair we could think of
Because their personalities are compatible
Because he pushes her buttons unlike any other
Because he could give her the challenge and conflict that she craved
Because no-one else but Alec would be able to get Max’s transgenic side
Because plausibly, he’s the only one she’d be able to share a simple, carefree life with
Because she realised that she could trust him
Because he wanted to make sure she was okay
Because they both thought Brain was magnificent
Because they both love Joshua
Because the two of them, along with Joshua, are family
Because he understands her
Because she felt comfortable enough to break down in front of him
Because he felt comfortable enough to comfort her
Because he cared enough to seek her out and see how she was
Because she let him into her haven
Because with just their presence, they gave each other what little comfort they could offer
Because Logan could see it starting between them
Because they worked through their issues and became friends
Because even Logan thinks she should be with someone who gets what she’s going through
Because they’re a movement by themselves, but a force when they’re together
Because she’s exactly the kind of girl he could fall in love with
Because they’re in tune with each other
Because they respect each other
Because they’re equals
Because they’re good by themselves, but make each other better
Because you’d have to be blind or in denial not to notice the chemistry
Because the foreshadowing is so obvious, it’s like being hit over the head with an anvil
Because Max finds Alec sexually attractive
Because she trusts him to save the world in her place
Because he is her most trusted friend and ally
Because she is his highest priority
Because they look GORGEOUS together
Because if they had bred, they would have had beautiful little X5 babies
Because they’re not only meant to be, they’re made to be